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28 October 2013

First Post

I am a left-handed, obsessive-compulsive narcoleptic who carries the gene for color blindness.    Makes for really different brain chemistry.    At age 18, which was many years and  scientific knowledge ago, I was diagnosed as being epileptic and given the medical cocktail of phenobarbital and dilantin.   It did not change my symptoms, so I stopped taking it a few years down the line.   And I did not drive very far.  

Marriage, wandering the earth, a job, 3 children growing up proved to occupy my time.   And scientific knowledge progressed.   I have definite proof that it is a "long and winding road".   As I became older and family members died, I realized that my dad's mother worked to make  sure that her own children never spoke to each other.   I am not being vindictive when I say this-- it is just what happened.     Growing older (and children leaving on their own paths),  can leave enough "free" time to start to question who and why you are.    I became interested in genealogy.    Unfortunately, my dad was gone and his family  was not speaking to me.   I soon found out that my grandmother was adept at fostering hatred with in all the family.   My grandfather had many siblings and even my grandmother was one of seven children.   But I never knew all the cousins that lived within a short car ride from my home.   I dug into genealogy and found out a lot.

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